How to choose the bridesmaid dresses styles according to colors

pink short bridesmaid dresses

Photo credit: short cute bridesmaid gowns in 2015
Bright pink long strapless bridesmaid dresses

Pink, rose red tone
Pink and rose red are belong to warm color tone, it is very vibrant color, it is generally to make bridesmaids more vivid and moving. If you choose pink, as far as possible concise style and details, not too fancy, while reducing the grade on the one hand there is overwhelming suspect.
black bridesmaid dress with red belts

Photo by: long strapless black bridesmaid dresses

Black tone
Black, this don’t accord with the color of Chinese wedding, but for the personality wedding, it is also a good choice, bridesmaid dresses if match other colors do, there will be an unexpected effect. Black does not pick up the skin color, do not pick the body shape, four seasons can be used.
gray long bridesmaid dressesGray tone
Gray dress is more special, it is rarely seen in the Chinese wedding, gray dress is more suitable for outdoor lawn wedding, the fabric and details will highlight temperament, otherwise it will seem old-fashioned.
bright blue v neck bridesmaid dresses Blue
Blue bridesmaid dresses is very fresh and very temperament which is more suitable for spring and summer season, it is a good choice for you in your wedding.


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